Ahrens' Camping Adventures

Episode 2: Ocean City State Park, April 18-21, 2002

Ocean City State Park

Ocean City State Park is 170 acre camping park 1.5 miles north of Ocean Shores, Washington where beachcombing, kite flying,
Horses on the beach
borseback riding,
scooters on the beach
and riding scooters.

As we arrived, we discovered the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino
Quinault Casino entrance
Quinault Casino entrance reader board
Not more than half a mile from the entrance to the park. So now you can go camping and lose your money at the same time!

The Quinault Beach Resort and Casino from the Beach
Quinault Casino from the beach with horseback riders in front

Shore birds on the beach
Shore birds chasing waves on the beach

We even saw four deer crossing the main route to the beach at noon!
Deer crossing the creek on the main trail to the beach

Ocean shores is a nice walk down the beach.
Entrance to Ocean Shores