Is this wonderful or what?
Februrary 18-22, 2005
Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park
National Forest campground
A beautiful long weekend on the Washington coast--in February! Backed up to the edge of the cliff at Klaloch, we had five days of beautiful sunsets, clear skies, fishing boats close to the breakers. Even kids playing in the surf.
A juvenile and adult eagle kept watch over the coastline.
Driftwood littered the beach.
(Left) Let' see if we can straighten this thing up!
(Right) Don't eat the mushrooms! We spotted this on a nature walk through the woods.
Tidepools make for great exploration about a mile up the beach (to the north) from the campground. Many rock formations show the effects of the Pacific plate sliding under the San Juan plate along the coast, upthrusting the layered sedimentary rock. Cormorants sun themselves on the rocks. Sea anenomes, starfish, mussels and barnacles thrive among the rocks and tide pools.