Ahrens' Camping Adventures

Joemma Beach State Park, April 4-6, 2003

We arrived at Joemma Beach on a sunny Friday afternoon, to find we had the campground to ourselves. It stayed that way all weekend. We found a spot in the trees at the top of the bluff looking out to the south over the south end of Puget Sound.

We walked the beach around to the west that evening. Just past the park, there's a small lake on the other side of a road.

Saturday it rained. All day. This was the first time in our experience that we'd had to run the heat all day when without electrical hookups. We didn't do bad, but we did have to run the generator quite a bit. We did get out for a walk to the west on the beach, to where we reached signs indicating private property.

This park is one of those hidden little gems that doesn't get a lot of traffic, partly probably because it only has vault toilets. No flush toilets, no showers.. This is primitive if you don't want that, and very large rigs would be limited in parking spaces.

We enjoyed our visit, and will keep this park on our list of places to return to. We will try to reserve our stays to times when the weather will hopefully be better than this trip was.

This was the first time we took our cat George camping with us. He really liked it!
George sleeping 

on back of couch