Ahrens' Camping Adventures

Grayland Beach State Park Entrance
Grayland Beach State Park
, January 18-23, 2003

We arrived at Grayland Beach State Park on Friday afternoon after travelling from Seattle on a beautiful sunny January day, with temperatures near 55 degrees. The campground was quite empty at that time, so we choose site 4. Incidently, the park is not well marked when approaching from Aberdeen, so watch carefully.

After setting up, we put on our shorts and sandals and waded through the water to the water flooding the path to the beach. The beach at Grayland stretches for miles in both directions. It is a good sand beach, that you can drive on. We found the beach loaded with sand dollars, and other shells, but sand dollars were most common.

We had a short fire Friday evening, but since it was so clear, it got cold quickly, and even the campfire couldn't keep the cold at bay.

Saturday dawned clear and cold, but as the day wore on, the clouds began to move in, making beach walking and beachcombing better accomplished in long pants rather than in shorts. However the cloud cover made Saturday night's fire more enjoyable, in that it didn't cool off so quickly.

Sunday we walked through the town of Grayland. Grayland is a rather quiet town, especially in the winter, when there seems to be no activity at all. We looked over the recreation property, including the RV lots and noted the businesses along Highway 105 that cater to tourist business. I suspect that the town is much busier in the summer, but we haven't been there then to know.

While walking back from the north end of town, we came across a perpetual garage sale. We looked it over and Nikki found some items she could use with her bead work.

It was still cloudy when we left on Monday, but it did not rain on us all weekend, which, in the winter in Western Washington has to be considered a fantastic weekend out!