Ahrens' Camping Adventures

Fort Canby State Park, May 23-26, 2003 (Memorial day Weekend)
Sunset at the beach along Fort Canby State Park

We arrived at Fort Canby State Park at about 2:30 pm on Friday, to start the long holiday weekend. After checking in, we drove back to our campsite. When we got there, we discovered someone else already parked in our spot! Since we had had reservations for months, this was not right!

So to handle this temporarily, we parked in the site next door, when we figured out that the vehicle in our spot was off by one. while doing that, we got bit up by mosquitos. The first time of the season we had seen any, and these buggers seemed rather healthy, and hungry.

After parking, and spraying down with insect repellent, we went to the camp host and spoke to him about the situation, and then went out to the beach to take a short walk on the beach.

Upon returning, we found that an 81 year old woman, travelling alone, had misparked and wound up in our spot. We had a visit with her as we traded places, and got settled in the correct spot for the weekend.

Since we were dry camping, we needed additional fresh water on Sunday, so we pulled out and went to the dump station where we emptied the gray water and filled the fresh water tank.

While out, we drove up the Long Beach Penninsula to Leadbetter Pointto visit the wildlife preserve there. We found the trails to have even more mosquitoes than at Fort Canby, and these didn't seem to find the insect repellent to be very repellent. None bit, but they sure flew around the face like they intended too.

Monday, after another great walk on the beach, we packed up and headed for home.

All in all, the weekend stacked up as one of the best Memorial Day weekends I can remember. No rain on a three day weekend in Western Washington is almost unheard of. Yet that's the kind of weather we had. Now just control those darn mosquitoes!