Ahrens' Camping Adventures

Fort Canby State Park,February 14-17, 2003

Beach sand islands and pools

We arrived at Fort Canby State Park on a cloudy, but warm Friday afternoon. After registering we went to our campsite (site 7) and set up. Then we went out to the relatively short beach and discovered a real bonanza in driftwood washed up on the beach.

Fort Canby is perhaps our favorite campground of all that we have found. We It is a large park on the Pacific Ocean and Columbia river. Inside its border you can find two lighthouses, a Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center marking the furthest west that the Lewis and Clark expidition reached, a lake, and a busy Coast Guard station and training center. Even though this is a large park, with 250 campsites, it is one of two in the Washington State Park system that takes reservations year around (the other is Deception Pass State Park).

Friday night late it rained (after we went in from the campfire) and rained into Saturday morning, but it quit in the morning. High tide came Saturday morning with pretty good breakers and beach almost completely disappeared with the waves crashing near the top of the beach.

The beach at Fort Canby ends at the north against a cliff, where the North Head Lighthouse stands, and on the south with the North Jetty of the Columbia River.

Saturday night into Sunday the showers also came through, one after another. We went out walking the beach twice on Sunday, getting soaked with the stormy weather both times. But this is winter camping!