Ahrens' Camping Adventures

Episode 1: Belfair State Park, April 5-7, 2002

Entrance to Belfair State Park

Belfair State Park is a 63 acre camping park along the shores of Hood Canal on Washington State's Olympic Penninsula. Hood Canal is a natural salt-water inlet of Puget Sound. At Belfair, the water is relatively shallow, making it a good swimming beach in the summer.

We arrived in our new motorhome, which we had just picked up from the dealer that day. We were tired and hungry, and should have stopped to eat.
New motorhome parked in the park

Most of the loops in the park were closed except for loop A. And at that, all of the hookup sites were full. No problem, we could take another site and dry-camp. We needed to check out that part of the rig as well.

loop C, which looked like one of the nicest for winter/spring camping (open area for more daylight) had maintenance work going on with heavy equipment and holes in the ground--not to mention flooding!
Sandbags along the back of a campsite near the salmon stream

As it turned out, not paying for a full hookup site was a good thing, in that the campground (in fact much of Belfair and surrounding area) had their power shut off from midnight Saturday night until noon on Sunday while the power company repaired storm damage to transmission lines up in the mountain.

Saturday we explored the campground and discovered a few things about our motorhome, a 24 foot Jayco Greyhawk. We learned a few things about our new rig that are part of RV style camping that were different than the old rig we had traded in.

Saturday and Sunday we checked out the campground and beach.
Bridge across stream in campground

Bridge across salmon stream in campground. No trailers larger than 16 ft. allowed in the camping area across the bridge.

Large stump washed up on the beach

A large stump washed up on the beach.

View down the beach

View down the beach to the west.